1. Have plenty of good strong boxes, tape and paper ready for use.
  2. Set up a work space with paper laid on a flat surface, preferably with your open box on top of another box to save you having to bend too far.
  3. Fold in the flaps of the box then tape it shut – remember to tape several inches up the side of the box as this is much stronger.
  4. Screw up several sheets of paper to pack out the bottom of the box.
  5. Starting with heavier items, wrap each item in one or two sheets of paper (like wrapping bags of chips!) and place them in the box. Remember that most items are stronger stood up rather than laid down.
  6. Once you have filled one layer, screw up some more paper and create a bed for the next layer.
  7. When you have filled the box near to the top, pack out the last few inches with paper to protect the tops of your last items.
  8. Close the box and tape it shut, then mark the box as to where you want it to be placed in your new house.
  9. Your filled box should now be at a safe lifting height for you to move it out of the way and start your next box.
  10. An average kitchen cupboard will fill one standard box.

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