In todays paced society many people and families face the challenge of needing extra space. Whether it involves organising a home relocating to a new residence, or simply storing items – self storage has emerged as a practical solution. Here, in Godstone, our family operated storage and removals business is prepared to offer storage options that suit your requirements.

Why Self Storage?

Self storage presents a range of advantages for both individuals and businesses. It offers an secure space for storing belongings without the commitment of a lease. Whether you’re downsizing, renovating or require storage during a transition period self storage provides an answer.

As a family owned storage and moving business we take pride in delivering service with attention to detail. With experience serving the Godstone community we comprehend our customers unique needs. Aim to surpass their expectations every step of the way. From storage choices to expert moving services we are dedicated, to ensuring your storage experience is stress free and convenient.

Security holds importance at our storage facility.

We employ security systems such as round the clock surveillance cameras and access control protocols to safeguard your possessions. Rest assured that with our security measures your belongings are well protected.

Tips for Effective Self Storage

If you’re new to self-storage, don’t worry – we’ve got some tips to help you make the most of it:

  • Take stock of what you’re storing before you pack it up.
  • Use sturdy boxes and label them clearly.
  • Stack boxes and furniture to make the most of your space.

Indoor Self Storage Rooms

Outdoor Self Storage Containers

Outdoor Self Storage Containers

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